Scottish Young Greens is the self-organising youth wing of the Scottish Green Party and is committed to giving a political voice to Scotland’s passionate young left. For young people more than anyone, climate change is a reality that will shape our lives. For this reason amongst many, we realise that we cannot sit back and be apathetic as our future is shaped by others.

Our membership ranges from 16 to 30, and like all green organisations we share a commitment to environmental and social justice. We’re also proud to be playing a part in the popular movement to resist the incredibly damaging and ideologically motivated cuts to education and public services coming from the Tory-led UK government.

SYG is a member of the Federation of European Young Greens. We are very keen to support enthusiastic people to start up new area groups of Young Greens around Scotland—get in touch at convenor@scottishyounggreens.org

You can find out more about the people currently on SYG Council using the handy link on the right – there’s also a link to our constitution there, too, which you may find useful!

It’s free to join Scottish Young Greens and you don’t have to be a member of the Scottish Green Party.


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