SYG Council

Scottish Young Greens is run by an annually elected national Council. For more information on our structure see our Constitution. A list of positions and their responsibilites is available here; SYG Council Positions.

A new SYG council was elected at the AGM in October 2016 – this page will be updated with all of their details in the coming weeks.

Secretary: info@scottishyounggreens.orgy


International Officer:

Elections & Campaigns Officer:

The Elections & Campaigns Officer manages SYG activity in support of SGP Election
campaigns. They represent the SYG on the SGP’s Elections and Campaigns

Support Officer:

The Support Officer’s role is to ensure that the SYG provides a safe space for all members, free from bullying behaviour. They ensure that there are no barriers to participation by members as a result of any personal characteristic, such as (but not limited to) disability, gender identity or sexuality. They will represent any concerns membership may have about SYG Council to council and carry out any conflict resolution procedures that may be necessary.

Political Strategy Representative:

The Political Strategy Representative represents Scottish Young Greens on the Scottish Green Party’s Political Strategy Working Group.