Scottish Young Greens is part of a growing international movement of young green political organisations. Greens recognise that the problems we face require international cooperation on an unprecedented scale, and today’s youth have a greater opportunity than any generation before to achieve this.

Just as the Scottish Green Party shares close ties with Greens in England & Wales and their sister parties in Europe, SYG is part of a European network of like-minded groups. As a member of the Federation of Young European Greens, SYG sends delegates to events throughout Europe and our International Officers work to build strong relationships with young Greens throughout the world.

Would you like to get involved more internationally? Contact the International Officer  to find more about attending international conferences, join European wide working groups on a wide range of issues or to receive updates about international actions.

Young Greens of England and Wales

Young Greens (Northern Ireland)

Federation of Young European Greens

Global Young Greens


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