It has been another couple of days of campaigning in the brilliant (and ever so rare) Glasgow sunshine. With just 36 hours to go till polls open, we are still getting new volunteers on board, and both polling and the response on the street point towards a good result come the early hours of Friday.

Yesterday, Annie, Robin, Leckie, Lisa, Roisin and I hit the West End of Glasgow, splitting ourselves between the Uni and Byres Road. This was followed by (another) well-earned cold beverage. I’m not suggesting that an election is just an excuse to be sociable, but it is an added bonus.

Today was a quieter day, but it was nice to bump into the Yes2AV campaign on Buchanan Street. I asked them for a badge, and was rewarded with one off someone’s t-shirt – very generous – and the promise from some of votes for Greens in Glasgow. It is a shame we have not had more time to support the AV campaign, but unfortunately the election has to take precedence.

Media coverage has continued to be strong, with highlights including this piece (purely for the inflatable green 2) and a brilliant interview with Patrick Harvie by the The Student Newspaper in Edinburgh. Following on from their 5/5 review of Pats, they have now issued cut-out Patrick masks with their pre-election edition! Future collectors’ items, I’m sure.

Tomorrow, SYG plans on visiting both of Glasgow’s city centre Unis, Strathclyde and Caledonian, followed by the inevitable panic-addled rush hour leaflet. Look out for our smiling, burnt faces at a train station near you!

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