Aberdeen University Young Greens Response to the Green League

The waiting is over, the eagerly anticipated Green League results are out! And with a shock result for the University of Aberdeen. As somebody who spends most of my time, not studying, but lobbying the University on Green and Environmental issues imagine my disappointment to find that the university has fallen a whopping 49 places, taking it from a first class degree to an upper-second class, and being one of the biggest fallers this year! When last year’s results were published I remember feeling proud that my beloved university held the same beliefs as I did, that environmental issues should be a top priority. However, this time around I can feel no such feelings. In fact all I can feel is a distinct disappointment.

Looking back over the year it is, perhaps, easy to see how the University has fallen in the ranks so badly. With the (surprise) rise in tuition fees for oversees students, lecturer strikes, job losses and occupations demanding the Principle speaks out against pension reforms and even that he return his unbelievably huge bonus, perhaps it easy to see why environmental issues have been put to one side. This, however, is not an excuse! In today’s climate, the only realistic way forward is in a Green economy and the university should not only be promoting this in their environmental endeavours but also setting an example to its students who will be the future of this country.

Let’s end on a high shall we? As the Environment and Ethics Officer for the next academic year I say that students at Aberdeen should band together and lobby our university to aim to climb back up to a respectable first class degree! We, as students, are expected to after all! We know now that the university has the capabilities for this, we have been there before, let’s hold them to account and Green up our Uni!

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