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To say I have had a varied education would be an under-statement. After two years studying architecture, I moved to Aberdeen University to study Geology on a competitive oil and gas scholarship. From the moment I arrived I realised that I did not want to pursue a career in the oil and gas industry and to continue a study in a geological science would not help me realise my dreams of promoting renewable and alternative energies, but would only push me into an industry I did not want to be a part of. Therefore I switched to a single honours Geography course where I could finally study things that interested me and could get involved in various Green extra-curricular activities. As such I ran for a seat on AUSA student council environment and ethics committee, which gave me an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded people and form concrete views on politics and other real world issues.

Through this committee I discovered the Scottish Green Party and after a well-placed ‘Gaudie’ (Aberdeen student newspaper) article I was invited to the Scottish Young Greens Annual General Gathering. From there I was elected female co-convenor of the group which led me to write this…

The Scottish Young Greens are a great introduction to ways of Green politics, using a more social environment to help make politics accessible to everyone. As co-convenor I want to help promote this great aspect of the group, opening the party’s youth wing to all of Scotland’s young left. My first task in the position is to help set up an Aberdeen University Young Greens; a society that I have felt has been missing from the Universities long list of societies for a long time. This coming year I hope to create the most exciting, politically active society AUSA has to offer. We will draw on the Scottish Young Greens example of an open social group to provide an opportunity for young people to get together on and around campus for discussion evenings, guest speaker events and promoting important campaigns in support of the Scottish Green Party.

If you’re young and green in Aberdeen University or surrounding area get in touch and get involved in getting this exciting new venture going.


Joanna (SYG Co-Convenor)


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2 Responses to Aberdeen Young Greens

  1. Debra Storr says:

    Welcome to the family. If Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Greens can do anything to help, please do just ask.

    Debra Storr

    • Joanna says:

      Thank you very much Debra! I’m sure I will be in touch sometime in the near future, would like to arrange some discussion nights etc so would be great if you could help out!

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