Drugs: Finnie Welcomes Macaskill Comments

John Finnie MSP, Justice spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, today welcomed comments by former Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill that the so-called war on drugs has been a failure and that  drugs should be treated as a public health problem rather than a law and order one.

Mr Finnie said:

“Kenny MacAskill’s comments are a welcome addition to the wide-ranging debate on drugs we need to have. Our drug laws are dated and, in most instances, simply serve to criminalise, and thereby affect the life chances of countless otherwise law-abiding folk.

“His comments about the so-called war on drugs being lost echo what many have been saying for some time. Imagine if the countless billions poured into failed law enforcement had instead been directed to education and the provision of the full range of harm reduction treatments. Evidence from elsewhere shows that changed approach would see drug-related deaths drop significantly.

“Most of all we need an informed debate, not one based on ignorance and prejudice, rather one which treats drugs for what they are: education and health matters.”

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