Greens putting young people at heart of campaign

As you have probably all noticed, the 2011 Scottish Parliament election is  fast approaching and everyone is working flat out to try and make an  impact. Young people have been put at the heart of the Green campaign  messages for the election with a pledge to never introduce tuition  fees and to keep Scottish education free without cutting any other  public services, as the SNP and Labour propose in order to balance  the budget, not to mention the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives who seem to have little idea of the day to day challenges faced by young people.

As part of the campaign we are reaching out to young people throughout Scotland over the internet and through direct contact. Just one example of the work we are doing is the cooperation between Edinburgh  Young Greens and Edinburgh Green Party in making a leaflet to deliver  to students in the capital and guarantee that people realise that there is an alternative to the rhetoric of Labour and the SNP, and that voting Green is their best chance of giving marginalised young people a say in the balance of power on everything from education tuition to sustainable jobs for people starting out in life. There will be a student voice represented in the Party  Election Broadcast which will be shown on BBC Scotland and STV in the  run up to the election.

I think we can all be happy with the way in which the Scottish Green Party has decided  to put students and young people at the heart of the campaign and I sincerely hope that we will attract many new followers in the next six  months who realise that the Scottish Greens are committed to developing a new kind of politics with the future of both today’s young people and the generations to come at its centre.

The countdown to the election is now being done in days rather than  weeks and this is a critical time for both the student and national  campaigns, so if you feel that you can help, have any ideas to  contribute or want to do something related to the SYG in your campaign area get in touch and we can try and raise some funding and manpower to strengthen the voice of young people in the Scottish Parliament.

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