HOLYROOD ROUND UP – a poll, an offer, and a damp squib


There has, it seems, been simply too much news of late, so here is a quick (and rather link heavy) campaign catch-up…


The big news most of you will have seen – this poll, which places the greens on 6 MSPs, ahead of the Lib Dems.┬áSeeing Caroline Lucas being elected last May probably got us all feeling optimistic about this year, but few could have predicted the sad demise of the Lib Dems, who now look like being the smallest party at Holyrood next parliament. The opportunity and risk that comes with holding the balance of power now looks most likely to fall to us – luckily, Patrick knows that we would hang him out to dry if he were to stage a turnaround a la Clegg…

The Scottish Greens are now offering free membership to disillusioned Lib Dems between now and election day and I hope this offer will be understood as good intentioned. There are many issues on which Liberal Democrat activists and ourselves share common ground and ideologically too, there is a common thread. As Martin Ford, a former Liberal Democrat councillor and now our top candidate for the North East said recently: “The Scottish Green Party will be a comfortable home for anyone who believes in the liberal, democratic and environmental principles the Liberal Democrats used to support.”

The big event this week was Tuesday night’s debate, although it was in truth, something of a damp squib. The lack of a green voice was felt badly, with the evening feeling like a dull squabble over who could say the most of least significance. Tonight sees the (not televised) Scotsman debate and given their front page splash yesterday, a last minute invite to Patrick Harvie would be only appropriate.

There is still time to sign the petition to get Patrick Harvie included in the next TV debate (sitting at over 800 signatures and rising). The public support our inclusion, and the Labour Party are on record as saying we should be included too – now it remains only for our broadcasters to wisen up, and save us all from another dreary night’s viewing.

Deprived of green debate action as you are, I will leave you with yesterday’s BBC Scotland interview with Patrick – enjoy!

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