Introducing… Ross Greer

*lack of fanfare noted

As a new member of the blog team here at the Scottish Young Greens I figured the best way to start would be by way of a short introduction, so that you all know where I am coming from in future blog posts.

I’ve been a member of the Scottish Green party for two years, joining not long after my 15th birthday. I had always been an environmentalist since a young age but as my interest in politics grew I began to realise that only the Scottish Green Party offered the practical solutions that I wanted, combining social justice and equality with sustainability and practical solutions to tackling climate change.

Since joining I have chiefly helped in the re-establishment of the Dunbartonshire branch, campaigned for the party in Glasgow and West of Scotland regions in the recent Scottish Parliamentary elections and started on long term plans for the party in East Dunbartonshire.I would imagine that a lot of my blog posts will be centred around the upcoming 2012 Local Government elections from the perspective of a Young Green as well as some more general posts about the nature of Scottish politics, particularly for young people, an area in which I spend possibly too much time!

My interest in politics is not simply limited to within the party though. I am the elected member of the Scottish Youth Parliament for Clydebank & Milngavie constituency which in turn results in my membership of the East Dunbartonshire Youth Senate. I have been selected by the Youth Senate to represent them on the council’s education committee and after a recommendation from the education department, the full council will be voting on the 30th of June to grant me a full seat with voting rights on the committee, a first in Scotland as far as we are aware.It should be pointed out however, that my position as MSYP is strictly non-party political and so this blog is not going to be dedicated to my role within the Youth Parliament but I will try and keep you as up to date as possible with my progress on areas of interest. I am after all a ‘small g’ green as well as a ‘large G’ Green!

Being on the Left I do love a bit of unionism and after long months of planning and successful launch meetings I have been honoured to be elected convenor of the East Dunbartonshire branch of the newly formed Glasgow Schools Student Union, currently the largest and fastest growing branch. We aim to represent school students to every level of government, in opposition to the cuts agenda, through open discussions and if necessary, radical, non-violent action.

Clearly my political interests manifest themselves in many different ways but in all of them I hope to display my personal green philosophy and campaign for a better, fairer, greener Scotland.

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  2. daphne benton says:

    my question is : How do you stand on TTIP ?

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