It’s our Edinburgh

From September the Young Greens in Edinburgh will be back after a restful summer, and they are looking to break out of the confines of university life and provide a focal point for all young and Green minded people in the city.

Until now the Young Greens have very much been associated with the University of Edinburgh and shared members with other green-minded groups such as People and Planet. Although Edinburgh is an exciting and dynamic university, the Young Green group don’t believe that where you study should dictate how involved you can be.

Edinburgh Young Greens are looking for anybody from 16 to 30 in Edinburgh, students and young professionals alike. We want to transform the Young Greens into a force that goes beyond the cronyism and small-mindedness of student politics and looks to be representative and pro-active in campaigning on the environment, democracy and equality.

This means reaching out to a variety of groups who share core values with Green politics from feminists to direct action environmentalists and anti-corruption campaigners. The Young Greens are first and foremost a political group and they have a number of campaign ideas and event ideas for the coming year which could help to make a positive impact on politics. If you are in Edinburgh and you share the Young Greens’ aims and ambitions then come along to their weekly meetings from September and help us make a difference.

Meetings are usually held in the chaplaincy centre adjacent to the University of Edinburgh student union. Times and dates will be finalised after the summer.

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