No Fees, No Employment Worries And No More Freezing Flats

The Young Greens have been delivering campaign materials across Scotland to underline their three signature policies for students and young people at the election: No tuition fees, sustainable graduate jobs and free home insulation and a crackdown on student landlords.

The Scottish Greens have made retaining free education at Scottish universities a cornerstone of their campaign. Not only is free education fairer, there is also a significant body of evidence which suggests that countries which provide free college and university education experience positive developments in a wide range of areas from crime reduction to the strength of their economy. Scotland quite simply cannot afford to have a privately funded education system.

The Scottish Greens also have a fully costed plan to insulate every home in Scotland, including the thousands of antiquated properties used by students and young people. It won’t cost you a penny, saving you from rising energy prices and seriously impacting on Scotland’s carbon emissions.

Finally, the Scottish Greens aim to develop a long term and sustainable economy for Scotland. We are looking beyond short term solutions and will give government backing to develop sustainable industries from farming to renewable energy, harnessing the potential of Scotland’s graduates and stopping the brain drain to London.

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