On May 3rd people across Scotland will go to the polls to decide who will run our councils. Important decisions on our environment, public transport, social services and education, ¬†all of which have a huge impact on students and young people, will be made by Scotland’s voters.

If you’re in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling or Aberdeen you can vote for a Young Green or Green candidate and put the issues that matter at the top of the local agenda. That means:

New, tougher legislation to deal with landlords and the standard of property

Community energy companies to save you money and home insulation schemes to give you a warmer winter and a cooler climate

A common sense public transport policy to keep fares low and improve the quality of your service

Local tax reform to introduce a fairer tax system which better reflects what people can afford to pay.

Cycling infrastructure to reduce road deaths and to help you commute to work or uni by bike.

A strong voice for environmental and social justice in our towns and cities.

Find your local Green manifesto and candidate¬†here, and use your 1st vote to invest in Scotland’s future.

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