Report from Policy Day

The Scottish Green’s policy day offered an opportunity to discuss Green Party policy in depth, something many felt the summer conference lacked. After a short introduction to the basics of Green party motions (which can be found here ) we split into smaller groups to discuss the EU and the upcoming referendum, Green defence policy and local democracy/ local taxation. There was also a policy clinic at which Daniel and I worked on the motion that was voted for at SYG AGM (the provision of free public transport for young people, students and the unemployed). At the policy workshop we discussed the merits of the policy for about half an hour with members from other sections of the party. From this we have found that the motion is not as clear as it could be and that further work is needed to bring it to the stage where it can be voted on at SGP conference. This is mainly due to defining who is a student, a young person, or who is unemployed. After lunch there was an opportunity to go to one of the policy groups that you missed in the morning before a quick round up of the day and drinks at the bar afterwards.

David MacDonald Political Strategy member SYG

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