Ryan Morrison – Paisley & Renfrewshire North

One of the SYG’s purposes is to support young people standing for election as SGP candidates – this is the first post in a series from SYG members standing as candidates in the upcoming UK General Election.

We’ll be out this Saturday, the 21st of February, in support of Ryan’s campaign – meeting at 10.30am in Erskine. You can find out more by checking the Facebook event page.

“Hello, I am Ryan MorrisoRyanPRNn and I will be the Scottish Green Candidate
for Paisley and Renfrewshire North – the first Green candidate in
Renfrewshire for Westminster since 1992. I am 21 and currently in my
final year studying Law at Strathclyde University.

Having represented Paisley in the Scottish Youth Parliament I am now
excited to have the chance to campaign to the wider groups and begin
the process of creating a strong Renfrewshire Greens.

In Paisley and Renfrewshire North we face similar issues to those
which many other areas are facing in 2015. The prospect of continued
austerity is one which will genuinely destroy lives; poverty wages,
zero-hour contracts and the redefinition of our welfare system make it
harder for men and women, young and old to provide the basics.

Those of working age are not the only ones at risk. According to Save
the Children, by age 16, there is a 32% gap in attainment levels
between the poorest pupils and their classmates in Renfrewshire, worse
than this, only 20% of the poorest pupils will go to university
compared to a 40% local area average.

These are problems which can be addressed, at no point should a child
be left in a worse position because of their background and this is
just one injustice that we have to fight hard to eradicate. University
isn’t the goal but what these stats show is that from day one, the
poorest in Renfrewshire are playing catch up in their education and
that is the proof of a failed system.

By redistributing wealth, reducing class sizes and expanding the scope
of our education system we can allow children to flourish based on
their own abilities and dreams while abandoning the idea that how rich
your parents are, decides where your life goes.

This is one of many issues for us in Paisley and Renfrewshire North
and myself and the Scottish Greens would make a monumental commitment
to hassle for progressive change.

We have a lot more to do and I have a lot more complaints, but for the
youngest in our society change is needed fast, before we produce
another generation defined and developed by their wealth.”

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