Sometimes, graphs make me smile…


Today’s Scotland on Sunday / YouGov poll puts the greens on 7% on the regional list vote, meaning we are in touching distance of our best result ever. Scotland on Sunday‘s interpretation of the numbers would put us on eight seats, while the ever thorough Better Nation predict seven. Either way, we are clearly in with a chance of having a big increase in numbers and the chance to exert a greater influence on the agenda at Holyrood.

There isn’t a whole lot of time left now until election day, so I urge you all to do everything you can to turn this momentum into a real result on May 5th. With a wedding and a referendum competing for the media’s attention, it may well be that it’s on the ground that this election will be won. If you want to help out with the Young Greens’ campaign efforts, drop us an email or get in touch via twitter.

And one last reminder on the petition to include Patrick Harvie in the debates. The petition now has over 1000 signatures, and with the aforementioned poll predicting more seats for the Greens than the Lib Dems, the broadcasters’ are running out of reasons to exclude a green voice. Please sign and circulate to your friends if you haven’t already done so.

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