SYG Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting, March 1


It’s nearly time for our AGM, where we’ll be electing this year’s SYG Council as well as updating members on recent actions and discussing plans for 2014/15. The meeting will be at the Forum Room of the Old Town Jail, Stirling (St John’s Street, Stirling FK8 1EA) on Saturday March 1 at 2pm. It’s about a ten minute walk from the train station and bus station alike.┬áTravel expenses can be reimbursed, and I will provide forms on the day. If requested before February 28, we can provide Skype for those who cannot make it in person. We’ll probably head to the Burgh Coffeehouse for a bit of a chat after the AGM, anyone is welcome to join.



Council posts

The main purpose of the AGM is to elect Council for 2014/15, so if you’d like to stand for one of the SYG Council posts – job descriptions can be found below.
Each of the roles outlined can be shared between two members, how

ever, it is preferable that the roles are gender-balanced. SYG can’t function without these posts being filled, so it is vital that people put themselves forward. Most of the tasks are pretty simple to keep on top of and are not at all time-consuming as long as everyone is putting in their bit.


Scottish Young Greens at AGM

If you’d like to stand for a post, please send us a short candidate statement by February 21. These will be circulatedaround membership prior to the meeting.

— – —


In the case of the Convenor, we require female and male co-convenors. Please note that elected positions are only open to members of the Scottish Green Party.

Communications Officer

  • manage SYG website
  • manage Facebook group
  • draft press releases
  • maintain Twitter account
  • contact point for media (along with Convenor)


  • chair Council meetings
  • acts as external spokesperson
  • SYG representative on SGP Council
  • liaise with SGP treasurer to oversee financial management
  • maintaining Constitution and other SYG documents

International Officer

  • act as point of contact between SYG and international Young Green organisations.
  • inform SYG of important news or developments with other YG organisations
  • inform SYG of opportunities to get involved with other YG organisations


  • organises and promotes quarterly Council meetings inc AGM
  • minutes Council meetings and circulates to membership
  • manages SYG central email account
  • conducts elections to Council posts that become vacant between AGMs
  • processes sign-ups to SYG

Elections and Campaigns Committee Rep

  • Represents SYG on the Committee, working with local branches of the Scottish Green Party to co-ordinate campaigns.

Standing Orders Committee Rep

  • Represents SYG on the Committee, working to maintain Scottish Green Party Constitution and Standing Orders
  • Advises on interpretation of Constitution
  • Develops structure and rules of the Scottish Green Party
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