SYG at Green Party England Wales Spring Conference

Caroline Lucas MP and Convenor of Scottish Young Greens, Marie Campbell

I’ve just returned from the Green Party of England and Wales Spring Conference in Cardiff, where I had a fine time.  I met loads of lovely Greens from down south, including lots of Young Greens, and attended really useful fringe meetings on the anti-cuts movement, media training and how Green Party of England Wales (GPEW) works.

Cllr Adrian Ramsay, the deputy leader of GPEW, made an excellent speech on the Saturday morning, and really got everyone fired up.  This was great for me because there’s loads to get stuck into for the Scottish Parliament election in May – and I need all the energy and inspiration I can get!I also attended meetings on the future and structure of Young Greens England and Wales.

We have much to learn from one another and we’re going to be talking loads, and working together to make Young Greens in the UK an inspiring, winning young political force.


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