SYG Youth Manifesto

ManifestoCoverFor the first time, the Scottish Young Greens are launching a Youth Manifesto for the upcoming UK General Election. We believe that young people are being failed by the current economic and political system and that we need to take radical action to ensure that our generation and generations to follow live in a socially just, equal and sustainable society.

Our Youth Manifesto takes the things we considered to be most relevant to young people from the Scottish Green Party’s manifesto, and puts it into a convenient, easy to read form. You can download the manifesto here; SYG-manifesto-2015_v3 (1)

Amongst the policies we highlight are;

  • Investment in social housing, removal of tax relief on buy-to-let properties and secure tenancies, so that young people have an affordable and seManifestoInternal2cures homes, to help us out of current system where we are either trapped in extortionate rents or living with our parents well into our 20’s.
  • Opposition to any attempts to cut the benefits available to those under 25 – we absolutely did not cause the current crisis, yet some other parties would have us suffer as a result of it.
  • Ending tuition fees in England and maintaining free tuition in Scotland, as education is a benefit to our whole society not just students, and we should support it as such.
  • Protecting the UK’s Human Rights Act and ensuring that prejudice – be it due to gender, sexuality, race, religion, disability or any other personal factor – has absolutely no place in our society.
  • Rebalancing our economy towards jobs in Green technology, ensuring that there are jobs for us all once Scotland makes the much needed transition away from fossil fuels.

Recent polling has oftenManifestoInternal3 shown that, across the UK, Green Parties are the second most popular party for young people – showing that our generation is increasingly fed up with the uninspiring offering from “the big three”. This manifesto is our contribution to that – both a means of encouraging young people to vote green, and confirming for those that already are they have made the right choice.

We hope this is the first of many such manifestos the Scottish Young Greens will publish over the years, as we strive to ensure that the voice of Scotland’s youth is heard in our political sphere, and as we push for a society that truly meets our tagline – a society that values Equality, Democracy and Environment.


Graphic design for the manifesto by Laura Hurst –

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