The Greens today launched their local manifesto for Scotland at a press conference in Glasgow. Green leader Patrick Harvie MSP was joined by Green candidates from across Scotland and representatives from the Scottish Young Greens as the party promised to make Scotland’s local councils greener, more equal and more democratic.

In Edinburgh and Glasgow the city council administrations are on a knife edge after infighting, corruption allegations and defections within the ruling parties. Both Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City councils have ostracised their constituents by pushing through projects in the interests of a minority of people, and in Stirling people are incensed by council plans to build a link road on the last surviving patch of Green land next to Stirling University.  The Greens have pledged to end the lack of vision, financial mismanagement and lack of transparency which has dogged local politics in recent years. The Greens, in cooperation with the Young Greens, have drawn up measures designed to help younger people in both work and education. At the heart of these plans are proposals to come down harshly on landlords who rip off their tenants, to assure enough affordable housing that people are not forced out of city centres, and to keep on funding many of the community utilities used by young people for recreation.

Unsurprisingly, the local manifesto also contains the most robust environmental policies of any political party in Scotland. Cheaper and cleaner public transport, increased provision for cycling, and community owned energy companies providing cheap and green power are all on the Green wish list. With Young Green and Green candidates standing all across Scotland, we believe that we have the right kind of politics to reinvigorate Scotland’s communities. The full national manifesto is available to download here

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