Patrick Harvie Condemns Student Arrests

Patrick Harvie, Glasgow’s top Green candidate for Holyrood, has condemned the arrests this week of Kate Connelly, Alice Coy and Aidan Turner following the attempted eviction of the Free Hetherington at Glasgow University on 22nd March. The Free Hetherington has been occupied by students since 1st February in protest at education cuts and in support of free tuition.

On Tuesday 22nd March, University mangagement attempted to evict the occupiers and escalated the situation dramatically by involving Strathclyde Police.  The day’s events concluded with the students’ re-occupation of the Free Hetherington, from which they had earlier been physically removed by police.

Patrick Harvie said:

“The arrests of Kate Connelly, Alice Coy and Aidan Turner, on trumped up charges including assaulting a police officer and breach of the peace are a shameful waste of police time, much like the farcical attempt to evict the Free Hetherington.

“These arrests amount to bullying and intimidation of peaceful protesters who are standing up for the kind of society they want to see, where education is a right and not a privilege. I call on the Procurator Fiscal to have the ridiculous charges against these students dropped immediately.”

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