SYG supports the Free Hetherington

SYG's David Weir and Patrick Harvie MSP at the Free Hetherington last weekend

The Hetherington Research Club used to be a place where postgraduate, mature and foreign students could meet and it hosted numerous student events throughout each year. The club had been closed down by university management last year due to financial issues.  Despite a strong campaign for the re-opening of the building and a new finance plan, the University has shown no intention of returning the building to student use.Since last week students have been constantly occupying the Hetherington Club, as a creative, free, community space, with a common goal of protesting against the savage cuts that are aimed at higher education and across society.On Monday, I was back at the Hetherington with Patrick for a rally. Patrick spoke and then we all marched off to deliver the students’ demands to Glasgow Uni President, Anton Muscatelli.Here’s a quick Youtube video of Patrick from Monday –Follow the Free Hetherington on FacebookMarie

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