SYG AGM & Convention, 2015

(If you are signed up with the SYG, you should have received this information in an e-mail on the 14th of March – if you didn’t, and it definitely hasn’t hidden in your “promotions” inbox or something similar, drop our secretary a quick e-mail at and we’ll make sure you are on our mailing list.)

After what has been an incredible year to be co-convenor of the SYG – witnessing the SGP’s largest ever share of the vote in the European Elections last year, going in to the referendum and then seeing the enormous surge in membership both of the SGP and SYG – it’s come time for our AGM!

With so many new members of the SYG, we’re hoping to see a lot of you at what we’re intending on being our largest AGM – or rather, given the scope, convention – ever. This convention is absolutely essential for getting the SYG ready for what is going to be a crucial year for the Green movement in Scotland – the people we elect to council and the decisions we come to will determine how we approach next years Scottish Parliament elections, where the Greens could win anywhere between 8 to 15 seats! This year, we are holding this in the QMU in Glasgow on Saturday the 11th of April, starting at noon.

(Completely free) tickets for the event are available here;

Our convention is rather a meaty subject, so please bear with me as I try and explain things as succinctly as possible!

There are three main “procedural” issues we need to get through at AGM (which is the procedural side).

  • Vote on a new constitution.
    • The current constitution wasn’t really written with a membership of 2,000 people in mind, so it has been updated, and requires approval at the AGM to come in to force. The new constitution can be downloaded from here; New SYG Constitution. You can also find an Annotated Version too, which explains some of the provisions included.
    • Our current constitution can be found on the SYG Website, on our Constitution Page.
    • Amendments to the proposed constitution have been proposed – we’ll only have a limited amount of time to consider these, so we’ll need to move quickly on the day!
  • Elect a new SYG Council
    • SYG Council is the main decision making body of the SYG, and our point of contact with SGP. Electing a new council is extremely important, so we’d like to see as many people as possible coming forward!
    • You can find a list of council positions here; SYG Council Positions.
    • To stand for a position on SYG Council, you must also be a member of the Scottish Green Party.
    • If you are interested in standing for any of the positions, again, get in touch with You don’t have to attend AGM to stand for a position, but if you are not going to be there, please also send us a short “candidate” statement that can help AGM attendees decide.
  • Choose a policy motion to take to SGP Conference in Autumn
    • Outgoing council are keen to see the SYG, as a body, submit a motion to conference this year. Motions must be in to the Party by around the end of June, I believe, so that gives two months to whip something up.
    • Obviously, as the youth component of the Scottish Greens, it’d be good to bring forward something with a particular youth focus.
    • If you have any ideas for a policy that you’d like to see the SGP adopt, then (again) let know by the 27th of March. You’ll need to send a brief explanation of your policy motion.
    • We’ll then have a debate and vote on the potential motions to select the one we’re going for. If you submit a motion, it’d be helpful if you are involved in bringing it to conference – however, obviously, SYG council will give as much support as necessary to get it there!

The other aspect of the event, the more “convention” side, will feature a series of speakers – including Patrick Harvie, Co-Convenor of the Scottish Green Party and local MSP for Glasgow and some of our Young Green candidates for the upcoming elections – some campaign training and a membership led debate session. Following this, there will be a social event at the Siempre Bicycle Café in Glasgow at 18:30, and then a chance the following day to put your campaign training into action in either Edinburgh East or Glasgow North.

A full agenda for the day (which can be found here), along with a list of amendments for the constitution, candidates for council positions and potential policy motions will be sent out to everyone signed up to the AGM via Eventbrite – they are the same documents as the ones linked in here, though!

I really hope to see a lot of you on the 11th of April – and if you have any questions about the event, you can get in contact with us using the e-mail above, our Facebook page or Twitter!

Allan Faulds

SYG Co-Convenor

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