Welcome to the Scottish Young Greens!

I’m not going to lie to you – I wasn’t expecting, this time last week, when the polls had just closed on the referendum, to be having to write this post! Since then, the Scottish Green Party – and thus the Scottish Young Greens – has seen an enormous growth in membership, with over 6000 members at last count. That means we’ve nearly quadrupled in size, and it means there are now going to be as many Young Greens as there were members of the Scottish Green Party just two weeks ago. This is obviously hugely exciting for us, as it means we can expand our activities across the country and set up more local groups. I’d like to extend a huge welcome to all of our new members.

Now, I thought I’d take a moment just to write a quick update on what new members can expect to hear from us over the next month or two.

Firstly, we’re still in the process of getting your details and adding you to our systems. This may take a short while, so don’t worry if you haven’t heard anything from us just yet – you will do soon enough! Once we have our new members in the system (though, of course, more are joining every hour), we’ll send out an e-mail to let you know you’ve been added to the list and to build on the information in this post. If you don’t get this e-mail (we’ll do a post on Twitter and Facebook to let you know when it has gone out), then let us know!

The next thing is that we’ll be setting up, for the first time, full local area groups. There are so many of us now it is definitely worthwhile adding a more local level to our stucture – after all, local democracy is one of the key principles of the Green movement. Perhaps a couple of weeks after you get your “Welcome to the SYG” e-mail, you’ll get another one informing you of what your local area group will be – Glasgow, Ayrshire, Aberdeenshire and so on. You’ll also be invited to submit candidate statements to area organiser for the group. I’ll let you know more about the role in that e-mail!

Once we’ve given enough time for people to send in statements, we’ll then e-mail them back out to the members of the local area groups along with online ballots, to allow you guys to elect your own area organisers. Again, local democracy – the national SYG council can’t go around imposing things on you! If you are elected as an area organiser, don’t worry about finding your feet – national SYG council will do all we can to help you get set up in your new role and will be happy to answer questions at any time.

The point of these local area groups is to enable you guys to take part in more local campaigning, and indeed decide for yourselves what that campaigning should be like. I’m painfully aware of the fact that, recently, we’ve only really been able to manage stuff in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling. However, with all of you lovely new people, we can start working in Fife, in Dundee, in Ayr, in Inverness – all over the country. This is an exciting new period for the Scottish Young Greens, and I’ll be delighted to see you all getting involved.

Once again, thanks for joining, and you’ll hear from us soon! If you have any questions, please do get in touch with us – you can find details about SYG Council on this page.

Allan Faulds
Scottish Young Greens Co-convenor

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