Area Groups

The Scottish Young Greens consists of a number of area groups. Each area group covers one or more Scottish Green Party branches, allowing Young Green groups to tie in with the actities of their local branch of the SGP whilst still operating as distinct units for young people.

When you join the Scottish Young Greens, you will be automatically assigned an area group and you will receive e-mails from them in addition to those from the national SYG. If you move about the country or are presently outside Scotland and don’t wish to receive area group e-mails, let us know and we can change your area group settings as required.

Each area group is headed up by an area organiser who sits on SYG Council and is responsible for organising SYG activity within their area. These groups are autonomous and allowed (indeed, encouraged) to select their own priorities for campaigning.

Area Groups are currently a work in progress; you can find out more about the process of setting them up here. Nothing is set in stone as yet – this is a new thing for us, so you’ll have to bear with us whilst we get things rolling! The proposed list of groups is as follows;

Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire
Borders, East & Midlothian
Dumfries & Galloway
Dundee & Angus
Falkirk & West Lothian
Highlands & Islands
Renfrewshire & Inverclyde
Stirling, Clacks & Perthshire

University/College Groups

The SYG also has groups active at certain universities and colleges across the country. These operate indepedently of our area groups (as not all who qualify as Young Greens are currently in education) and serve as another way for young people and students to get involved with the Green movement.

If you wish to set a group up at your university or college, then get in touch with us. Officially setting up a group at your institution will have its own rules, which we may not be able to help with, but we’ll be happy to lend what other support we can as well as alert others to the existence of your group.

You can find out more information about the University/College Groups by clicking the relevant link over on the right hand side there.


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